European Parliament concerned about the situation in Northern Caucasus

European Parliament concerned about the situation in Northern Caucasus

European Parliament concerned about the situation in Northern Caucasus

European Parliament

In the course of debates about the situation in Northern Caucasus, deputies of the European Parliament called on Russia to observe its international obligations on human rights and put an end to impunity in the region.

In particular, Maire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Science and Innovations, expressed her concern about the situation in the region, where the reason for excitement was the recent attack on the Chechen Parliament in Grozny on October 19.

During the debates on October 21, European MPs urged Russian authorities to ensure the full rule of law in Northern Caucasus, where the "growth of tension is marked; and the atmosphere of impunity, lawlessness and instability is reigning."

According to Ms Geoghegan-Quinn, the European Commission is concerned not only about terror acts continuing in Northern Caucasus, but also about regular attacks on human rights defenders and journalists, as well as the fact that those who are behind these actions are rarely brought before justice, the RIA "Novosti" reports.

The parliamentarians adopted a resolution on human rights in Northern Caucasus. "Northern Caucasus has more than 8000 internally displaced persons; but it is important that most of them have no legal status and, therefore, have no hope of getting jobs or social guarantees," Laima Andrikiene, a European MP from Lithuania, made her comments on the resolution, the "Novaya Gazeta" writes.

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